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English, day 5

невозмутим как пиздец удав
He's hot.
They are cheap.
It's expensive
He's cold
It's big
They are new.

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English, day 4

невозмутим как пиздец удав
1. I din't eat dinner at seven o'clock. I eat it at 6.30.
2. My brother, Barry, is a doctor. This is a photo of him.
3. Our son Paul lives in London. He visits us at the weekend.
4. 'Do you like apples?' 'No, I hate them.'
5. Maria likes Italian food. She cooks it at home.
6. My sister goes to work early. I never see her in the morning.

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English, day 3

невозмутим как пиздец удав
Do you like her?
This is photo of them.
John likes you.
Peter sometimes writes us an email
Joanna lives near me.
Andrew sees them at work.

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English, day 1 and day 2

невозмутим как пиздец удав
any - только в вопросах отрицания
some - в просьбах
a few - это то, что можно посчитать
все, что связано с деньгами - все much

1. Students can't learn English
2. I learned rules
3. I am learning irregular werbs
4. I was learning regular werbs

Would you like coffee?
Do you like coffee?
Do you like swiming?

- Would you like to watch TV?
- No. There's nothing good on tonight.

- Would you like something to eat?
- No, thanks. I'm not hungry.

- Do you like parties?
- No, I don't really. They're too noisy and crowded.

- Do you like chips?
- No. I think they're very bad for you.

- Do you like watching TV?
- Yes, especially films and cartoons.

- Would you like to come to a party on Saturday?
- Yes, I'd love to. What time?

go - went
want - wanted
get - got
work - worked
love - loved
play - played
watch - watched
listen - listened
hate - hated

We had English on friday
Explane us
I went to the gym
I do aerobics
A.P. was born in X and died in Y
loved painting
He was a famous cinema actor
D.D. was born in New York
His mother was %name%
D.D. came in France.
He was born in London.
It is Monday morning - это утро понедельника
Did you go out on Sunday

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